5 of Australia’s Best Trekking Excursions

Hikers from around the world have come to love the ace trails of Australia. If you want to give trekking a burl, look no further than our beautiful deserts, mountains, plateaus and scrub for some of the best trekking paths and trails in the world. With the hot sun overhead and a pack full of supplies on your back, you can experience the pleasure of Australia's premier trails.

  • Bicentennial National Trail

    This trail was once called the National Horse Trail, but it was renamed the Bicentennial National Trail in 1998. Originally used as a brumby track, a muster trail and a coach road, the Bicentennial National Trail has been converted into the longest marked multi-use trail in Australia — and one of the longest in the world. It spans 5,330 kilometres running from Cooktown, Queensland to Healesville, which is just 60 km from Melbourne. The trail runs through New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory and is bordered by bare wilderness, rugged mountains, national parks and private properties, some of which provide accommodation for trekkers. If you want to talk a walk way out beyond the black stump, this is the trail for you.

  • Larapinta Trail

    Found in the Northern Territory, this 223km path is one of the best for those who want to visit the plains, mountains and plateaus of central Australia. You'll be dry as a drover's dog if you don't carry enough water and supplies with you, but there are a few stops along the route where you can restock. You'll be able to visit Alice Springs, Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm, Jay Creek, Hugh Gorge, Serpentine Gorge, and many other gorgeous sites out in the middle of the bush. Scale Mt. Sonder to stare out over the valleys and plains, or take the flat path along the Finke River. For those looking for a real trekking experience, this is an ace trail!

  • Heysen Trail

    Located in South Australia, Heysen Trail stretches 1,200 km. You'll walk along the coast of South Australia, or visit the picturesque towns and farmhouses inland. All the beauty of Australia is on display all along this trek, and you'll be amazed at how varied the bush can be. Whether you're walking over gently rolling green hills or the rugged mountain ranges, this is a trek to give you a real view of Australia's southern region. Visit Barossa Valley in Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park, check out the gator skin-looking cliff walls of Alligator Gorge, visit Quorn's historical buildings, traipse through the pine forests on the Heyden Range and finish your hike with a brutal climb of the Parachilna Gorge.

  • Overland Track

    Located in Tasmania, this island path is one of the best the continent has to offer. The wilderness you'll trek through has been listed as a World Heritage Site, and you'll marvel at the beauty on the tiny island to the south of mainland Australia. The lakes and hidden springs provide you with a refreshing change from the arid mountains and stony gorges of the path, and you can see the hidden beauties of Tasmania as you walk along the 65-kilometre trail. The entire track can be walked in just six days, but you have to take time to visit sites like Ronny Creek, Lake Windermere, Windy Ridge and Lake St. Clair

  • Bibbulmun Track

    This trail runs for nearly 1,000 kilometres through Western Australia, starting in Kalamunda and running through Perth to Albany. Named after the indigenous tribe living in the region, this beautiful trail gives you a chance to experience the history of our native culture. While the majority of the track runs through the state forest, there is also some farmland to visit. The wildlife reserves are home to many amazing native creatures, and the whole area is given over to the preservation of nature. It's one of the most beautiful trails in the country.

About the Author: Bob Harker loves to trek the Bicentennial National Trail. He has explored most of the local trekking trails on the continent, and is looking forward to trying out the Overland Track in the next few months.

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