Exploring Top 10 Night Clubs in Moscow


Explore Top10 night clubs in Moscow, everyone must visit in this review.

10. Night clubs in Moscow: Cafe “Mio”


Mio Dj Cafe Night Club

Any time of the day or night MIO DJ CAFÉ awaits energetic and fashionable people who appreciate the comfortable atmosphere and good music. You can always have a tasty and inexpensive meal here. And when it’s near to weekend you can peek into the best parties with foreign DJs and Club residents. Comfortable interior of MIO Cafe will let you forget about the fuss of noisy megalopolis and help you to relax properly. In summer a special terrace is opened on a permanent basis, where you can order any dish from the menu and serf the Internet using free Wi-Fi.

“Almost the best cocktails are made here ” – Time Out Moscow

Our cooks prepared an unusual European cuisine menu with a light Oriental accent for metropolitan feasters. Fresh sushi and rolls, miso soup, tomato gazpacho, as well as dishes cooked in the China pan “Vok” is for anyone who cares about food being not only tasty, but also healthy. Try the seafood with rice and Thai sauce or several types of Bento-lunch – we promise you won’t remain indifferent. All this food is inexpensive, and it is possible to combine dishes to your own taste.

Famous breakfasts in MIO are also popular among business people and inveterate partiers who love to end their tumultuous weekend here. Traditional omelette or sandwich, a cup of hot chocolate, fresh newspaper and free Internet access – what else do you need for a good start of a day.

The cocktail card deserves a special mention – it is one of the most packed in Moscow on the opinion of our guests. You will find more than 60 unique cocktails, you can find the traditional Pina Colada and Long Island there, as well as our trademark mixes and lemonades.

“The drive is here” – Afisha

At the end of the week “MIO” turns into a nightclub. All the fun is in the neighborhood with a café zone, so if you suddenly get tired or hungry – you don’t have to go anywhere else. Get comfortable on the soft couch or have a drink at the bar – we will make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Each party in MIO is an unforgettable feast, which success is guaranteed by the team of professionals, experts in the entertainment industry. Every month we invite your favorite DJs and musicians from all over the world – real stars of electronic music. Ellen Allien, Tiga, Steve Bug, Tiefschwartz, Moullinex, Grum, Justice, Ladytron, Vitalic and many others have played their super sets here.

Address: Caluzhskaya sqr. 1

Phone: +7 (495) 238-58-48

9. Night clubs in Moscow: “Garage”


Night Club Garage Moscow

Legends live forever. That proves it every week the Moscow club “Garage”, reborn in a new place with an even grander scale. Since 1998, “Garage” visited thousands and thousands of actors, models, art characters, businessmen. All of them are to this day tend to the garage for the unique atmosphere of general fun and musical drive. Among the residents of the new “Garage” only reputable DJs, producers and stars dance-scene.

Area of ​​the new club will connect in one place several sites, each of which has its own character: a summer veranda with white sofas and lounge night luxurious atmosphere attract beautiful women with their masculine companions, chill-out on the bottom floor gathers fans of karaoke and table games, the lower dance floor manages to accommodate all the fun guests kilowatts of sound and craftsmanship top DJs, 2 VIP rooms with karaoke for lovers of privacy in the company of friends, and the upper bar with a dance floor has a perfect mashup mood and champagne.

Restaurant-bar “Garage” is open to you and works round the clock, 7 days a week. As before, on Wednesdays and Sundays at the “Garage” are famous R’n’B parties, partying on Thursdays «Retro», and on Fridays and Saturdays for you house-music world’s best DJ’s and legendary after-party until the morning.

Address: Moscow, Polyanka Str. Brodnikov lane, 8

Phone: +7 (499) 238-70-75

8. Night clubs in Moscow: “Krysha Mira”


Night club “Krysha”, Moscow

With its plethora of six-foot-one models, growing music scene and excess leisure time, Moscow has become a hub for high-end nightclubs.

Krysha means roof, as in the roof of a building and the “roof” one pays a mobster for protection and has the best atmosphere. If you can get past the face control, or bouncers, you’ll have a wonderful time on the top-floor deck enveloped by supernatural blondinki, electronic music and the occasional fire-breathing dancer.

Views of the Moscow River, the Stalin-era Ukraina Hotel and the White House, where Prime Minister Vladimir Putin runs the country, abound. The best way in is to make friends with a Russian who knows his way around this scene. Flashing a U.S. passport would have sufficed five or ten years ago. Not anymore.

Address: Kutuzovskiy Str. (Avenue)

Phone: +7 (901) 519-56-92

7. Night clubs in Moscow: “POSH friends”


Night Club Posh Friends, Moscow

“POSH friends” – is a new page in the history of the club in Moscow. Air whites, perfect and stylish space under the dome of a spacious tent. The club is located in the city center – at the Pushkin Square.

“POSH friends” creators, behind which the discovery of the most successful club projects are declare: “Today Moscow – this is one of the most exciting capitals in the world. Fashionable Moscow audience accustomed to the noisy and sumptuous party in Saint-Tropez and Courchevel. We hope that “POSH friends” will not only be an ornament of the capital, but also open up a galaxy of European-stylish and trendy places. ”

POSH friends – all-season format “summer” club. Now in Moscow, you can enjoy the beauty of music, surrounded by the most fashionable audience, feeling like a hot July gloomy autumn.

Address: Pushkinskaya Square., 5
Phone: +7 (495) 500-63-33

6. Night clubs in Moscow: “Fabrique”


Moscow Night Club Fabrique

FABRIQUE – is a modern club-restaurant, conveniently located now serving far from Red Square. A large two-level structure of the total area of ​​1476 square meters, designed for 1500. Plus, summer terrace, hidden deep in the quiet courtyard with leafy lime tree and a huge screen for football fans. The club has two inputs – VIP and simple, for each has a separate dressing room. A huge catwalk leads to Chill Out and restaurant area. Restaurant with a total area of ​​200 m2 on the first floor of the club, the main and most comfortable of its area – cabins on glass floor through which you can see how the bottom of the bartenders, smiling and drinking guests.

CUT DESIGN RESTAURANT – hi tech with elements of baroque antique, expensive furniture, carved legs of chairs, patterns and murals on the pillars, glass floor, mirrored stained glass stairs in the Empire style. The designers drew up a club in an unusual style, the contrast between the old building blocks and luxury. Factory must be a factory where there was concrete, it is and it still is, and carrying a pyramidal tower too. Only had aged them even more, somewhere intentionally baring plaster, added irregularities. And for great “wet” and unpolished have added stucco, rare materials. Concrete and honey texture – that’s the desired style, which “sick” now it is more spacious.

The cuisine in the institution is European and Japanese with a slight accent of Italian. Authors – chef Maxim Kalmykov and pastry chef Valery Oparin – notorious person. Everyone behind an impressive list of successful restaurants. Maxim worked in restaurants “Nikolina Gora” (Ruble), “dried apricots”, “Manor», «Moscow Country Club», Valery is preparing sweets for the same “Nikolina mountain” fashionable cafe “Maner,” restaurant “Nostalgia” and “Eldorado “. One of the interesting and amazingly delicious food is worth noting: Salad “Maxim” fresh cucumber, avocado and crab meat, seasoned sauce “Vinegretto” the cup of the iceberg, a traditional salad of fresh arugula, tomatoes, “Cherry”, plates of parmesan, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, soup Millennium of sea bass with red bell peppers, squid fillet and green onion soup with roasted tomatoes, prawns, Pets fettuccine with mushrooms, parsley and fresh tomatoes, lamb chops, grilled. And desserts: tiramisu, truffles and tournedoes. The restaurant of the deposit payment system account, which is 1500 – 2000 rubles per person.

DANCES. On the lower level is a dance floor – fitted wooden deck on the 400, 2 bars, famous stepped column with soft pillows, which is all love to sit and view the new arrivals, comfortable sofas, which can be located on the company from 2 to 22 people, with comfortable tables and a view of the dance floor.

And more often lift their heads, the ceiling – a work of art. Looking at it gives the impression that you are in a renovated, modernized, unusual mansion.

MUSIC CLUB POLICY Fabrique means house of all sorts. Electro, Trible, progressive, vocal and commercial house cool as ours, and “imported” DJs. The list of those who have already visited the Fabrique impression: this is Mauro Picotto, Ceballos & Manaca, Marco V, Chus, Felix Da Housecat, Funkstar Deluxe, Roger Sanchez. Gaining strength and ordinary night, which in itself is a good sign. So, the club has an atmosphere, that elusive bunch of positive emotions, which is difficult to describe in words: comfort, calm and at the same time, the euphoria and joy at the sight of nice new people and a sense of belonging to their society. Within the walls of the club easily learn, communicate and fall in love successful people metropolis. Club as a favorite space for dialogue – the best characteristic to any institution.

Address: Kosmodamianskaya Nab (Street), 2
Phone: +7 (495) 951-13-13

5. Night clubs in Moscow: “Jet Set”


Jest Set Moscow Night Club Interior

Jet Set can be called one of the oldest clubs in the capital. St. Petersburg’s world-famous art group “Club Rechnikov Workshops”, namely Roman Cargo, Timothy Abrams and Denis Alexandrov in 2001 to create the interior design of the club and the Jet Set, for which, a new interior style “techno baroque.”

Jet Set is a Winner of the category «NightLife Awards». It is, of course, a good place for noisy friendly parties. The design team can find the full mix of styles: Baroque, combined with art decoration, expressionism and modernism.

Nightclub Jet Set has been 11 years, and during that time has presented a lot of good moments to its guests. Institution, whose name may well be wearing an era of Moscow nightlife, the club, which were born and, clearly, flushing disappeared legends metropolitan party enters a new phase of its development, and above all ready to give visitors a vacation club with world trends, meeting with long-time favorite dj’s and familiarity with the rising stars of the dance culture.

Address: Malaya Ordynka Str.,  37/1

Phone: +7 (495) 951-50-06

4. Night clubs in Moscow: “Pacha Club Moscow”


Moscow Night Club Pacha

Pacha Moscow – Moscow club is project of empire legendary Pacha, which includes more than 25 clubs around the world, specialty shops, private label fashion, TV, glossy magazine, casinos, hotels, recording studio, as well as architectural and design company responsible for a single style of the products Pacha.

A groundbreaking club space for Moscow, the city’s Pacha space is a throwback to the 1960s splashed with touches of Phillipp Stark-infused brilliance and glamour. The vibe is a chic mix of cool Ibiza style and Russian hedonism, giving the venue a serious sparkle. VIPs are treated like royalty; not only are there private toilets, but each also its own individual climate control. The dance floor is laden with sleek bodies draped in designer brands, from Versace and Armani to Jimmy Choo.

It feels like Andy Warhol could walk around the corner at any moment, thanks to the preponderance of Pop Art that clearly sets it aside from any other club in Moscow. There are two main areas in the club: a big dance floor space often used for headliner shows and a second dedicated to more offbeat performances and installations. There is a dance floor for energetic dancers, an area for talking the talk and almost 30 VIP tables and 10 super-VIP tables. Vintage champagne and quality vodka are in constant supply.

Every weekend a team of professionals conducts company parties Pacha, different, unique atmosphere, quality music, a unique show and the best in Moscow public.

Address: Nikolskaya Str. 10

Phone: +7 (495) 798-57-77

3. Night clubs in Moscow: “Icon Club”


Moscow Night Club Icon

“Icon” aims to be the club’s roomy city – its halls with a total area of ​​4,500 square meters are able to take as many as 2,500 people. “Icon” space is divided into three major functional areas: “Icon Club”, “Icon Bar” and “Icon Hall”. Each room – specificity, their mood, their vibrations. They focus on a club audience with a broad range of musical tastes and preferences.

“Icon Bar” is designed for experts and lively mashup bastard pop. This is the place for round the clock fun. “Icon Bar” opens exactly at 22.00, and the time of its closure was not normalized. “Icon Club” – is a powerful, 60-kilowatt sound of “Nexo Alpha”, 70 square meters of LED screens, large dance floor and 36 on three levels of VIP-boxes. There is in a house in all its forms – from the traditional ear commercial dance music to a very avant-garde sound experiments. Icon Сlub headed for musical trends: new ideas coming from Ibiza to Moscow, Berlin and New York. Icon Hall – event-space, designed for live concerts, social events and corporate events. Maximum capacity of this room – to 2,000.

Radical innovation Icon – business entrance. The club is open to the deposit system: after face-control young people need to buy a bar card deposit valued at 2,000 rubles. Girls are granted free entry.

Address: Bolotnaya Naberezjnaya, 9
Phone: +7 (495) 364 0101, 364 0909

2. Night clubs in Moscow: “Prmier lounge”


Moscow Night Club Premier Lounge

Premier Lounge – is a night park of entertainment which leverage the most daring ideas.

Each guest will find something here. The variety of music formats will not leave anyone indifferent. In a magical “lab” nightlife are alchemical transformation, the mysterious metamorphosis transformed on huge screens and ask artful questions imagination. In the movements of the top go-go girls, Russian passion erupts the night. In the Premier Lounge is no limit to imagination and bold look beyond perspective: at every turn corridor opens unique reality – even the walls are no longer barriers – they turned into three-dimensional portals for visual representations. Amazingly, in its scope Premier Lounge, as “laboratory” the most brilliant show, can afford more luxury and comfort in the form of islands – you can easily find a corner, a shelter with a cocktail.

Do you believe in a fairy tale? If you do, you are welcome. Premier Lounge is a maze of events, which replace one by one. This is sort of a roller coaster, where you never know what lies around the bend. Three completely different halls allow for one night to go to different clubs and summer terrace distracts from the bustle, gives a breath of fresh air in the center of Moscow.

Team GOROPRO, created the project Premier Lounge, led by guru Alex Gorobey club industry continues to surprise the market nightlife capital. The main criteria for a good rest, comfort and atmosphere is created by the guests of the club, the team and the music. For the quality of these three meet best promoters in Moscow.

Hollywood stars, stars of Russian and foreign stars have been the guests of the club: Roberto Cava, Ganzes Roses, Vin Diesel, Ashton Kacher, Demi Moore, Andy Garcia, Milla Jovovich, Orlando Bloom, Roberto Carlos, Alexander Ovechkin, Zinedine Zidane, De Grisogono, Frederik Bekbeder, Filipp Kirkorov, Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, Annie Lorak, Timothy, Alexander, Zhanna Friske, Dmitry Malikov, and many others.

Premier Lounge for the work was awarded several times: THE WORLD FINEST CLUB, VKLYBE.TV Awards 2011, THE BEST CLUB, RCFW11, RCFW12, Russian Wave 2011, Russian Wave 2012, Summer Fashion 2012.

Address: Mantulinskaya Str., 5/1, Bldg. 7

Phone: +7(985)211-5-211

1. Night clubs in Moscow: “Soho Rooms”


The Best Moscow Night Club – Soho Room

Opened in early 2008, Soho Rooms has established itself as a brand where exclusivity is an attitude. And while the Dining Room became a place to be and to be seen, it is Disco Room club that has been setting fire to the Moscow nights.
Disco Room is a highly selective venue with its own ‘Soho’ atmosphere. It is a mood or simply – lifestyle – that attracts over and over again, which is based on the wide organization experience, ultimate design suggestions, music and a personal attitude to this large-scale project.
The club is tastefully designed and perfectly arranged. Every single décor detail fits the unique “Soho” style. The Disco Room space is divided into zones and a centrally located dance floor is well-seen from every corner of the club. DISCO ROOM already boasts the impressive number of worldwide celebrity guests such as Gabin, Chicane, Modjo, Sonique, Deja Vu, Darren Hayes, Jay Sean, Kelly Rowland, Joss Stone and Russian ones – Bravo group, Zhanna Aguzarova, Moralniy Kodeks, A-Studio.
World club scene stars like Alex Gaudino, Michael Grey (UK) have played their exclusive sets in Disco Room. Soho Rooms resident DJ’s – DJ Jeff, DJ Fashion, DJ Perets and DJ Teacher never stop surprising guests and do make you dance. SOHO ROOMS guarantees that you will be in fine society and sure to bump into some of world famous “faces”.

It’s been a year long experience for those who discovered respectful English elite club atmosphere in Soho Rooms’ Dining Room and became its adepts. The atmosphere refers to a classic English style: leather sofas and fine wood tables, library-room with fireplace and antique cabinets. Wide wine selection and soft light complete the finest environment of the place.
We are now proud to announce that Lora Bridge (London) joined the project as Executive Chef. She was exclusively invited for her solid professional background, subtle perception and understanding the difference of countries and brands specifics. Lora joined Soho Rooms after few years consulting practice for the several upscale restaurant groups of the world.

Address: Savvinskaya Naberezjnaya (embankment or street) 12/8

Phone: +7 (495) 988-74-44

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