6 Travel Essentials All Stylish Girls Must Carry Along When on a Vacation


It’s paradoxical how holidays can be relaxing and stressful at the same time. Planning a vacation, organising the travel documents and the accommodation, and packing the travel essentials can drive you crazy and rob you of the trip’s fun and enthusiasm. Furthermore, packing the wrong things or over-packing can ruin your vacation, causing you much stress and discomfort when you are away from home.

Packing is just a small aspect of travelling, yet it can make or break your much-awaited holiday. If you are a perennial fashionista, you must be surely yearning to show off the classy side of your personality as you plan to travel around the globe.

Regardless of whether you are heading to a tropical destination or a hill station, consider these six travel essentials when packing your travel bag, enabling you to keep jet-setting in style.

1. Pick a Color Palette That Offers Multiple Attire Options

It can be a daunting task to figure out what clothes to pack when you are on a vacation. However, choosing a specific color palette will not only offer you plenty of attire options but also enable you to pack light. Choose not more than four anchor colour options (including black and white) that can be mixed and matched with a variety of other colours. You will find a variety of garment options on online shopping stores that enable customers to choose a trendy look for themselves depending on the season and the latest fashion.

Include white, black, navy blue, and taupe as your anchor colors as they go well with almost any color. For long vacations, choose fabrics that dry quickly, enabling you to wash and repeat a few stylish pieces of garments.

The following items are a must when travelling to a tropical country or a region with a temperate climate.

  • 4-5 tank tops
  • A pair of denim shorts
  • 2 long or short cotton skirts or dresses
  • A pair of cotton pants
  • A swimsuit and a sarong
  • A straw hat
  • A waterproof jacket to protect you from rain and sudden weather changes

For countries with cold climate include the following garments that will help you stay warm and look fashionable at all times.

  • 3 long-sleeves tops for layering
  • 2 pairs of thermal innerwear
  • A cardigan
  • A cashmere shawl
  • 1-2 woollen dresses
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 3 pairs of leggings
  • A heavy coat
  • A beanie or winter hat
  • 2 pairs of gloves

Carefully select each piece of your travel wardrobe keeping in mind the color palatte, the type of fabric, and the functionality, enabling you to strike a balance between comfort and style when on a holiday.

2. Dont Miss Out on the Comfort Items

Comfort items make your journey easy and relaxing while enabling you to flaunt your luxurious lifestyle. Including items such as a plush travel pillow, an eye mask, lightly-perfumed hand lotion and wet wipes, a pair of chic sunglasses, an attractive scarf, a hat, and a pair of foldable flats in your carry-on luggage will ensure that your long-haul flights are comfortable and stress-free.

3. Choose Stylish yet Comfy Footwear

Figuring out which shoes to carry on a vacation can be quite overwhelming. Though you may be tempted to carry your entire collection of heels and pump shoes, it is critical to select only those pairs that will be definitely used.

Usually, two pairs of stylish shoes and a pair each of pool-side flip flops and sneakers are perfect for all the travel fashionistas. Choose your footwear based on the activities planned during your trip. For instance, if you will be vacationing on a beach destination, avoid carrying fancy heels and pump shoes. On the other hand, if you have multiple night parties planned during your trip, it makes sense to carry a stylish-looking stiletto that will complement your modish party attire. You can use this opportunity to go out shopping for new shoes, and save money by using a DSW promo code.

4. Bedazzle Your Travel Wardrobe with Chic and Lively Jewellery

Attractive jewellery adds flavour to your attire, making you look trendy and attractive. Since you are sticking to a definite color palette, it is critical that you carry attractive and vibrant jewellery and accessories, such as scarves, stoles, and handbags to augment your overall appearance.

If you wish to carry fine jewellery items, make sure you safely pack them in a zipper pouch or a small cushioned case to prevent any damage during your travel.

Versatile pieces of jewellery that can be worn in different ways will help you create a new look each day of your travel. For instance, a long necklace or chain can be worn as is, with an attractive locket, or doubled up into a shorter neck piece.

5. Pack in Your Essential Toiletries Kit

Hotels and guest houses usually provide complimentary toiletries to their guests. Yet, if you are too picky about your beauty and personal care products, carry a dental kit, a hair care kit, a body moisturizer, a pocket-sized makeup set, and a deodorant. Make sure you pack all the liquids and lotions in a Ziploc pouch to avoid spillage in your check-in baggage.

Carrying disposable toilet-seat covers are certainly not glamorous; however, they are arguably one of the most important travel accessories to include as they keep you safe from infections. Besides these, include hand sanitizers, moisturizing eye drops, and chap sticks in your hand bag to make your travel more relaxing.

Toiletries are an extremely personal aspect of a packing list. Review your routine requirements and pack in the basics to keep you organized and comfortable through out your holiday.

6. Carry Hobby Essentials to Unwind

Regardless of whether you are travelling alone, with your partner, or your girl gang, carry items that will keep you entertained throughout the vacation.

Documenting your trip in a bullet journal is a great way of staying creative and keeping your mind busy, especially on long-haul flights or train journeys. Carry a diary and a set of colourful sketch markers to pen down the highlights of your trip.

If you are into travel photography, make sure you carry a camera with extra batteries. For moments when you want to listen to your favourite numbers and do not want to be disturbed, carry a noise-cancelling headphone and an e-book reader or a book, enabling you to cut off from the world.

Vacations are meant for relaxing and rejuvenating. Carrying your hobby essentials will help you unwind and keep you entertained throughout your trip.

For a girl who loves to travel the world in style, packing has always been the toughest part of planning and organising the trip. Tick off the smart travel essentials mentioned in this post in order to make sure that you have everything you need to make you look classy when on a holiday.


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