Bangkok with kids: Snow in Thailand


Snowland at Dreamworld

Last week the kids saw snow for the first time ... in Thailand! How? I took them to Dreamworld, a theme park on the northern outskirts of Bangkok. As well as a lot of cool rides, Dreamworld has an indoor Snow Land. A wonderfully fake winter wonderland. The kids loved it, especially the toboggan.

It\'s cold!!!

"It was FFFRRREEEEEZZING" was Hayley's verdict.

Snowland at Dreamworld

Of course tropical clothes, even with a jacket and boots aren't really adequate protection against the cold of even fake snow. After 20 minutes of tobogganing and snowballs we were ready for rollercoasters.

So what's a theme park in Thailand like?

GREAT! Of course it's not as fancy as Disney Land, but we were impressed. Dreamworld has a great range of rides for kids 90 - 140 cm high, and lots of attractions that will appeal to under 10s. There are lots of rides for teens and adults, but a lot of the attractions are more geared towards under 10s.

After the snow, our next stop was Fairytale Land. As you'd expect, Fairytale Land is filled with recreations from the most popular fairytales. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretal and a few more. We visited the Giants Castle from Jack and the Beanstalk. The kids had a lot of fun with the over-sized furniture.

Don\'t wake the giant!

Giant\'s castle

We pulled the sword from the stone. Hayley is absolutely convinced that Noah and her will be a king and queen when they are grown up now.  

Sword in the stone

A word of warning though - if your child still has trouble separating make-believe and real don't visit the Witches House. As soon as you walk into the dark interior sinister a loud witches cackle booms from inside. Hayley ran out screaming. Across wet pavers, through puddles and mud as fast as she could, screamimg the whole way. A week later she's still talking about it (Just adding ... two years later it still bothers her!).

The wicked witches house!

There's also a haunted castle. Even Noah, who's old enough to know it's all pretend got too scared to finish the house. But he happily played with the vampires, skeleton and headless men outside.

Lost my head

After Fairytale land it was onto the more serious rides. Paddle boats, 4D movie, train rides, a monorail and the mini roller-coaster, which was far less scary than the witches castle ...

Kids rollercoaster

There's also one of those spinning helicopter things that go up, down, around and backwards at speeds that delight kids but are just fast enough to make mums sick. Of course they wanted to go on it twice and just as mum was feeling really sick, Hayley accidentally spun the cart around backwards where it got stuck until the end of the ride.

Roller coastering fun!

The surprising hit of the day was paddling the ultra-fake canoe ...


And of course more helicopter style rides, this time in a slower one that didn't involve Mum coming along ...

Helicopters! Hayley\'s helicopter

And what would a day at a Theme park be without sugary snacks, like pancakes on a stick.

Pancakes on a stick


Dreamworld Theme Park is located out past the old Don Muang Airport to the north of Bangkok. It's a good 1.5hrs from the city centre depending on traffic.

Entry costs 550 baht per person or 700 baht per person if you want to go to Snow Land. That price includes entry to all rides. Children over 90cm are full price, children under 90cm are free. Thai locals and expats have the option of a cheaper ticket that just covers entry and then you can pay per ride. For foreigners, tickets can be bought at the information centre near the gate, not in the main ticket queue. Some hotels offer package deals including transport to Dreamworld.

While there are a lot of rides suitable for children, for some you need to be over 110cm tall. Hayley is 108cm so they let her on to some of them with me, but others they wouldn't. Still there were probably 10 rides she could go on, plus Fairytale land, snow, movies and other attractions like the giants house and paddle boats. The park has some shade but most rides are in the full sun. We went on an overcast, wet day and that was actually perfect. The park was quiet so we never waited more than 2 minutes for a ride and we were cool. Food inside was cheap, with the option of local foods, ice creams, corn on the cob and even a KFC.


Dreamworld Bangkok

This last photo is part of Photo Friday over at Delicious Baby. All of the photos of our day were taken on the iPhone so the quality isn't the best ... but the iPhone is much easier to carry around a theme park than a large digital SLR!

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  1. Gorgeous pics - and I do love it when warm places have those indoor snow parks, it's hilarious! I went to one once in Adelaide and had a snowboarding lesson - I guess I'm jealous because we don't have one here in Perth.

    Looks like the kids had a fantastic day - Thailand is on my go-to-soon list and I'm sure our little boy would like that too.

  2. I love amusement parks in different countries-- there is such a unique spin on the attractions. The Fairytale World pictures are awesome-- it seems great even for older kids!

  3. Looks like they had a great time! I think the best thing about theme parks in other countries is that they aren't Disneyland - it's their uniqueness that makes them so much fun. After all, you certainly can't get pancakes on a stick or play with a headless man cut-out at Disney!

  4. how COOL!! i am laughing at the indoor snow. having lived in minnesota and michigan, i can't imagine not having a long cold winter! :) what a fun place - we'll definitely have to head there, when we get to bangkok!!

  5. Being Canadian, Snowland is one place I likely won't go (lol!) fact, my family is currently planning to escape the snow this holiday season, right after Christmas (if only for a week!). I really appreciate your blogs though..and would love to visit some of the lovely places you have been.

  6. What a great look into a foreign theme park. Each picture was so unique and nothing like what you would see in the US. My kids would love pancakes on a stick!

  7. I'm impressed! Looks very clean, safe, and well-done!

  8. That's awesome! Dubai is the only place I'd ever heard of doing this sort of thing until now.

  9. There's just sometime a little ridiculous about building a snow attraction when it's 32 degrees C outside isn't it? But snow is fun no matter what. Hope you and your son make it there soon!

  10. Definitely, amusement parks in different countries are a lot of fun. I really enjoyed reading the strange English translations of the fairytales and the local 'sweet' foods that are so different to what you'd see in a theme park back home. The whole day was great. I've probably underestimated how much older children would enjoy the theme park. I think if a teen has reached the point where they're too cool for cheesy attractions Fairytale land would be a bit boring but there were a lot of great rides there for people of all ages.

  11. The pancakes on a stick certainly were unique ... and at 10 baht (30c) they were excellent value! I know we certainly wouldn't find a snack at a theme park back home in Australia for 30c!

  12. Wow, my kids was dreaming about go to snow dome in Dreamworld.Now, there is one snow dome at Chiangmai Zoo. My daughter who never been to any cold country was very exciting when she took a field trip with her school to visit snow dome in Chiangmai Zoo two weeks ago.

  13. Wow snow in Chiang Mai! We are there in a few months, my kids will be so excited as they really loved it. What a great school excursion for your daughter - I'm glad she enjoyed it and got to experience snow.

  14. There's actually a surprising number of them throughout Asia. KL, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Singapore ... I've heard they're nothing like the one in Dubai though!

  15. Oh Tracy that looks so magical. I just showed my four boys and they loved it! That dream park with snow in Thailand looks magical.
    The witches castles looks scary! I dont think our boys would like going in there.
    That Jack in the beanstalk looks amazing - I love that they have a harp on the table :)
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  16. It was amazing fun. The Jack in the Beanstalk house was a huge hit with the kids. They loved the oversized furniture. Except for the oversized shoes that smelt just as bad as real shoes. I'm sure your boys would love it. The kids are already planning on going back, this time with Dad.

  17. After 20 minutes of tobogganing and snowballs we were ready for rollercoasters.

  18. It looks so clean and safe and fun! Much different than any Central American theme park we've been to :)

  19. good blog

  20. Thank you. The comments are really helpful since we are also planning a trip to koh sa mui and bankok in May this year...

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