Photo Friday: Picnics in Brisbane


Art just asking to be climbed

See those bright red shoes? That's Noah being ... well a 5.5yr old boy!

While in Brisbane for Christmas we headed into the city to see the museum, galleries and Southbank - one of the best areas to explore in Brisbane with kids. Brisbane has some amazing areas but its hard to beat Southbank for the central location (right across the river from the main CBD, serviced by every train and many of the buses), the free galleries and museums, the free waterplay and swimming pools, riding paths and playgrounds.

Of course between the tourist restaurants and posh cafes, food is a little expensive if you buy it there so we stopped at a bakery along the way in order to prepare our own picnic lunch. Since we're back in Australia of course we had to get meat pies, ham and salad sandwiches and sausage rolls! And of course some strawberry milk - which Hayley enjoyed so much she gave herself a moustache.

Pink milk moustache

All along Southbank are some amazing picnic spots. The kids chose the small garden area right outside the old art gallery and Museum due to the huge blue installation that offers more climbing fun than most playgrounds. I'm not sure if kids climbing everywhere was what the artist had in mind, but if they set out to create an artwork that brings out a child's inner monkey they certainly succeeded. Noah only paused long enough to take this photo and grab a sandwich before running back to climb.

Our picnic lunch

He almost chose to miss seeing the dinosaurs at the nearby museum so he could play a little longer ... almost! Eventually the lure of the t-rex skull won out.

The garden area outside the old art gallery is one of my favourite places in Brisbane. I came here as a teenager on school excursions and it hasn't changed to this day. 30m either side of the gallery is unrecognisable but in this small area I can still see the same scene that I painted 20 years ago, watch my kids stick their feet in the same water features and race up and down the same stairs.

Outside the old Art Gallery, Brisbane

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  1. What cute kids! They look like they're having a blast in Australia! They look so happy :)

    Edited by Colin: Thanks for the comment Sandra but we don't allow unrelated links in our comments.

  2. great photos

  3. Oh, you're in Brisbane! Hope you are staying safe and dry xoxo

  4. Hi Dianne, we're staying with Colin's parents who are in a very elevated area a long way from any river. Thankfully our storage shed is dry as well so we're a lot luckier than many! A friends house has water downstairs but her neighbours are completely under. We drove in yesterday to have a look - the amount of water is just amazing. All those expensive inner city houses ... its just shocking. But Brisbane is a lot luckier than Toowoombah and the towns near there. The news footage is just horrible, lost for words!

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